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Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses can be obtained at the County Clerks Office, usually in the county you wish to have the wedding in.  For Public Licenses, you can marry anywhere in the state from which the license was obtained.  For Confidential Licenses, you must have the ceremony in the county where the license was obtained.

Here are the current fees for licenses in the counties within our service area.  Click on the county name for more information:

County                                              Public License                      Confidential License

Los Angeles                                       $ 90.00                                            $ 85.00

San Bernardino                                 $ 83.00                                            $ 85.00

Orange                                                $ 61.50                                            $ 66.25

Riverside                                            $ 68.00                                            $ 76.00

San Diego                                          $ 50.00                                            $ 55.00

Ventura                                               $ 97.00                                            $ 109.00

Santa Barbara                                  $  99.00                                           $ 111.00

Kern                                                    $ 67.00                                            $ 80.00

San Luis Obispo                              $ 95.00                                            $ 95.00

Once the ceremony has been completed, your witnesses (with the public license only) and I will sign the license.  I can, if you choose to, file the license with the county it was issued from on the very next business day, which is included in my fee.

Marriage Certificates

Dream Wedding issues a professionally prepared Marriage Certificates beautifully framed at the conclusion of the ceremony, which is included in the "California Dreaming" Plan.  You can also order it as part of the "Dreamland" Plan for an additional $30.00. 

Click to view the certificate.